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Thought it would be worth posting some pictures we took on the weekend to see what everyone thinks of this new sail.

This is the first development sail designed by Hill sails. The sail meets all current measurement rules that have been proposed by the association to the yachting world body except two - leach length and head measurement (will have to double check that). The foot has been shortened compared to the current mainsail meaning the overall sail aria is only slightly bigger.


This sail has been made from the cheapest material (being a development sail). A red sail can be easily made. Although, a sail made from the same cloth we currently use will put the price at over $200aud more than one made from this material. Its not because this material is inferior, but only because red sail cloth is so expensive.

SO. The sail looks awesome and will defiantly help attract people to the class, but is it worth the extra dollars? Should we also look at changing the rules on the material used? the red sail cloth is only going to go up in price (mirrors being the only class worldwide that use it). Or is there some sort of half way point where we can make the sail cheaper but also more attractive, have better performance and still keep the iconic red?



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Just to clear up the measurement side of things: The Luff, foot, leach, mid girth and lower three batten pockets all measure in under the existing class rules. Only the head measurement doesn’t measure in, and obviously the two extra battens to hold the head up dont measure. The sail is 0.3 square meters larger than the current main sail design.

Pricing from Hill Sails: A white sail in the pictures above is worth $800aud and a red sail of the same design is worth $908aud. The white sail cloth will also hold its shape for longer.

This sail will fit a Gaff rig boat. You would just need to ask your sail maker for the eyelets to be added for lacing.



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