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Hi All,

Does anyone know where I can at least ask about having an aluminium mast repaired.

Mine has been bent in a capsize incident involving the mast being tangled in rocks!

The section above the forestay and shrouds, ie unsupported is bent in a graceful curve, the section below that appears to be ok.

Hope someone can assist.


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This is quite hard to describe as has to be done gently and worked into the center of the bend otherwise it will kink.

It may be able to be reworked by supporting the unbent areas and slowly working toward the center of the bend from either side.

The mast has to be well supported so it does not dent or crease when opposite pressure slowly applied in opposite direction of the bend.

If you are uncertain speak to a rigging/spars maker such as Taskers.

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Hi Rik,

Thanks for your comments.  I managed to make it much better by the aid of 2 wooden uprights on our gazeebo and some rope! Its not perfect but as it was a bit bent before the "incident" it will do.  I'll have a test rig to make sure its ok for Mirror Sail.

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